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Our festival is starting soon!

Our festival  «Muztransit: East-West festival»  of Sofia Gubaidulina’s Contemporary Music Center is starting soon!  The «Muztransit: East-West festival»   is one of the most significant cultural events of 2019 in Kazan. It will be attended by musicians from Russia, Tatarstan, Australia, Germany, Israel, Lithuania and Macedonia. Among them are the Moscow Ensemble of Contemporary Music (MCME), the New Music Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted by Anna Gulishambarova, the Youth Sofia-Ensemble (Kazan), the German multimedia duo Duo Voicetronics with Natalia Pshenichnikova (voice, improvisation) and Martina Daske (electronics, video), instrumental duet from Lithuania: Ingrida Armonaite (violin) and Indre Bajštite (piano), bayan player, People’s Artist of Russia  Friedrich Lips, composers Mikhail Smetanin (Australia), Stefan Streich (Germany), Ayal Adler, Amos Elkan, Khan Ayashvil and (Israel), Vytautas Germanavichus (Lithuania), Yana Andreevska (Macedonia), Nikolai Popov (Russia) and many others.